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Cosmos Hub 3 Upgrade Proposal E

Proposal passed.
154.155M ATOM
525,588.663 ATOM
Figment Networks ( ) -=-=- Full proposal: -=-=- _Decision_ We are signalling that: 1. The Gaia 2.0.3 implementation is aligned with the list of high-level changes approved in Cosmos Hub 3 Upgrade Proposal A. 2. We are prepared to upgrade the Cosmos Hub to cosmoshub-3 based upon a. Commit hash: 2f6783e298f25ff4e12cb84549777053ab88749a; b. The state export from cosmoshub-2 at Block Height 2902000; c. Genesis time: 60 minutes after the timestamp at Block Height 2902000. 3. We are prepared to relaunch cosmoshub-2 a. In the event of: i. A non-trivial error in the migration procedure and/or ii. A need for ad-hoc genesis file changes iii. The failure of cosmoshub-3 to produce two (2) blocks by 180 minutes after the timestamp of Block Height 2902000; b. Using: i. The starting block height: 2902000 ii. Software version: Cosmos SDK v0.34.6+ iii. The full data snapshot at export Block Height 2902000; c. And will consider the relaunch complete after cosmoshub-2 has reached consensus on Block 2902001. 4. The upgrade will be considered complete after cosmoshub-3 has reached consensus on Block Height 2 within 120 minutes of genesis time. 5. This proposal is void if the voting period has not concluded by Block Height 2852202. -=-=- _Context_ This proposal follows Cosmos Hub 3 Upgrade Proposal D ( ) aka Prop 16, which passed in vote, but failed in execution ( ). This proposal is intended to succeed where Prop 16 failed. This proposal is intended to signal acceptance/rejection of the precise software release that will contain the changes to be included in the Cosmos Hub 3 upgrade. A high level overview of these changes was successfully approved by the voters signalling via Cosmos Hub 3 Upgrade Proposal A: We are proposing to use this code to upgrade the Cosmos Hub. We are proposing to export the ledger’s state at Block Height 2,902,000, which we expect to occur on December 11, 2019 at or around 14:27 UTC assuming an average of 6.94 seconds per block. Please note that there will likely be a variance from this target time, due to deviations in block time. We are proposing that the Cosmos Hub 3 genesis time be set to 60 minutes after Block Height 2,902,000. -=-=- Co-ordination in case of failure will happen in this channel:
Yes Blockdaemon
Yes cosmos1kjhdx3nkh6krdhryvjzkq33xwh6wsyy785fsga
Yes cosmos1akhswynqs07zj5p2k25r6s4ur45qyjnr30wt59
Yes atom.bi23
Yes iqlusion
Yes Cephalopod Equipment
Yes cosmos1gwj9j73ezhzcc40yxnsyhsxy4hefda892ynx4d
Yes cosmos1l7r03unxglzala6dx3kndyqjlqrzpdwxuzm365
Yes cosmos17cyjmvrw8ejnymv8rfgfgf4efud7d8hf6mtg65
Yes Stir
Yes chainflow-cosmos-prodval-01
Yes cosmos167rehm38nkhtjh35rrd9qevfp0948kxzapqqsg
Yes cosmos14maa2kdtcdctlhl36cfszv5ypwswuup37xgd57
Yes cosmos1849m9wncrqp6v4tkss6a3j8uzvuv0cp7wcgvqa
Yes cosmos10y768p8c0zvmdwp76vrcuz2nqxyedaq7qtx4xw
Yes Staked
Yes cosmos1e9jlmhjnhv0z5wj64gz0dwn6q523xyxexne9dq
Yes cosmos105l5r3rjtynn7lg362r2m9hkpfvmgmjt7nvq9h
Yes cosmos107tn5s5nsznzvczjf76qhsq2fwwe6j9z6ys0yn
Yes cosmos1068jfs4mhwwtscyxzcgcgugs2qqfm453pcswjz
Yes Zero Knowledge Validator (ZKV)
Yes cosmos1mrkn3uug9dm32hyp9tcxs5dmmuspt7nezrdmhz
Yes POS Bakerz
Yes ColmenaSvQ🐝
Yes cosmos1wpdrvn7dew5etz9wrk0aqa0pkkul4uq8whshjj
Yes Everstake
Yes cosmos148045k6x9f4wmmg84zqumckk5rs34rqalfe387
Yes cephalopod equipment coop
Yes Castlenode
Yes Chorus One
Yes Simply VC
Yes 真本聪&IOSG
Yes cosmos1zr7aswwzskhav7w57vwpaqsafuh5uj7nv8a964
Yes Compass
Yes Velocity V1
Yes Delega Networks♾
Yes cosmos1srhzr4s6k3fqx2mzrfpwjz6ffy7t6j6x37wfld
Yes cosmos1g53mgtymzz8d3naw0rwl0zrp3g7teyp4029lua
Yes DappPub
Yes Huobi Wallet
Yes cosmos1r72yxwn4w82pjmqyf7sy3544qh88falc5ymajw
Yes cosmos14kh20jtm3vpsxhh34lpg4g36clralearnp89u9
Yes cosmos1sjtda8npqjnujl4eep3h0ptsyjfj506ndcftj6
Yes CoinoneNode
Yes omega3
Yes noma
Yes cosmos1fuspwqu46zetamjl4qehzp63l70jqam3e8u4c2
Yes cosmos1v5hrqlv8dqgzvy0pwzqzg0gxy899rm4kth4jr4
Yes DokiaCapital
Yes DragonStake
Yes SparkPool
Yes cosmos1cj7u0wpe45j0udnsy306sna7peah054upxtkzk
Yes cosmos1me6xrxj80cp4smrmy2mwaan67spnsen9s0xtg4
Yes P2P.ORG - P2P Validator
Yes StakeWith.Us
Yes Staking Fund: the Never Jailed Crew
Yes Cosmostation
Yes B-Harvest
Yes cosmos1g5435cjhlm4s2nlmwln6ess9x4lc4qgdfep2l6
Yes KalpaTech
Yes 2nd only to Certus One in GoS:
Yes Cosmonaut Consortium 👩🏼‍🚀👨🏿‍🚀
Yes BouBouNode
Yes Sikka
Yes Stake Capital
Yes cosmos1ha6z3ag44ch2ylqyu0rngx8jckp8xlg9vd893y
Yes cosmos19hd7qd6pcvtmgutvk4yxate2qc6uaglzfnhmwt
Yes Firmamint
Yes Genesis Lab
Yes cosmos12ku50gw846ekxxhn9n7qrktq3gahp2zzkrzgf9
Yes Easy 2 Stake
Yes kytzu
Yes cosmos14xgdfdnpjtulj6p7rkc75ekxqjq8hc5c7x6hpd
Yes cosmos1qp0djmxz8pdza8jdhaqtvsgcyzzqhd7sfhaypd
Yes cosmos1ktfdwhqk7870fc20mnlsqd060phzha0h3r0rhx
Yes cosmos18nvt8gzhqwasgfw6dct5ytze7nva9l94x99m56
Yes Cypher Core
Yes cosmos1kc4z8y2p7ummc6mfktgtufw6jh6dff66e2mpn3
Yes RockX
Yes cosmosvaloper1jw8ett8uzrvjjhfcyajwcnckfl64npwxvlz2q8
Yes Fission Labs
Yes ChainLayer
Yes cosmos10rk2v8pxjnldtxuy9ds0s5na9qjcmh5yyr5736
Yes cosmos1qc60ztmn89hzn9w8zxd77m7lcpygcjdczkrd6n
No kochacolaj
Yes MultiChain Ventures
Yes syncnode
Yes Polychain Labs
Yes Staking Facilities
Yes 🐠
Yes NewRoad.Capital
Yes Cosmos Suisse
Yes jackzampolin
Yes Certus One
Yes cosmos19wlk8gkfjckqr8d73dyp4n0f0k89q4h7xr3uwj
Yes cosmos1qzlrvw3edazdghzx2zyv5v80qxsrvhcaszay7l
Yes cosmos19q0ge2fmhlky3rfpsmgm30c4p8zkyyxu35upat
Yes Cryptium Labs
Yes Forbole
Yes Sentinel
Yes WeStaking
Yes | Security first. Highly available.
Yes 🌐
Yes MathWallet麦子钱包
Yes cosmos1yv8x6z8h7n0asawdpks9meccel4uz0hrhudqf7
Yes IRISnet-Bianjie
Yes cosmos1hy2h208h9g77wcs60wn9nch3f9wkrvdl0fptye
Yes cosmos1h08qhe7736c0fu6messs4vyqjfvmtk08gc7ru4
Yes melea-◮👁◭
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2019-11-14 at 17:13 UTC
155M of 186M ATOM have voted.
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