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Cosmos Governance Working Group - Q1 2020

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Cosmos Governance Working Group - Q1 2020 funding Community-spend proposal submitted by Gavin Birch ( ) of Figment Networks ( ) -=-=- Full proposal: -=-=- Amount to spend from the community pool: 5250 ATOMs Timeline: Q1 2020 Deliverables: 1. A governance working group community & charter 2. A template for community spend proposals 3. A best-practices document for community spend proposals 4. An educational wiki for the Cosmos Hub parameters 5. A best-practices document for parameter changes 6. Monthly governance working group community calls (three) 7. Monthly GWG articles (three) 8. One Q2 2020 GWG recommendations article Milestones: By end of Month 1, the Cosmos Governance Working Group (GWG) should have been initiated and led by Gavin Birch of Figment Networks. By end of Month 2, Gavin Birch is to have initiated and led GWG’s education, best practices, and Q2 recommendations. By end of Month 3, Gavin Birch is to have led and published initial governance education, best practices, and Q2 recommendations. Detailed milestones and funding: Beyond the milestones, Gavin will lead the GWG to engage in and answer governance-related questions on the Cosmos Discourse forum, Twitter, the private Cosmos VIP Telegram channel, and the Cosmos subreddit. The GWG will engage with stake-holders to lower the barriers to governance participation with the aim of empowering the Cosmos Hub’s stakeholders. The GWG will use this engagement to guide recommendations for future GWG planning. Read more about the our efforts to launch the Cosmos GWG here: -=-=- _Problem_ Perhaps the most difficult barrier to effective governance is that it demands one of our most valuable and scarce resources: our attention. Stakeholders may be disadvantaged by informational or resource-based asymmetries, while other entities may exploit these same asymmetries to capture value controlled by the Cosmos Hub’s governance mechanisms. We’re concerned that without establishing community standards, processes, and driving decentralized delegator-based participation, the Cosmos Hub governance mechanism could be co-opted by a centralized power. As governance functionality develops, potential participants will need to understand how to assess proposals by knowing what to pay attention to. _Solution_ We’re forming a focused, diverse group that’s capable of assessing and synthesizing the key parts of a proposal so that the voting community can get a fair summary of what they need to know before voting. Our solution is to initiate a Cosmos governance working group that develops decentralized community governance efforts alongside the Hub’s development. We will develop and document governance features and practices, and then communicate these to the broader Cosmos community. _Future_ At the end of Q1, we’ll publish recommendations for the future of the Cosmos GWG, and ideally we’ll be prepared to submit a proposal based upon those recommendations for Q2 2020. We plan to continue our work in blockchain governance, regardless of whether the Hub passes our proposals. -=-=- Cosmos forum: Cosmos GWG Telegram channel: Twitter:
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